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What Color Best Fits Me?


Purple Leotards

Our Purple Leotard program is an introduction to dance technique and movement. This program combines two groups identified as 2s & 3s and 4,5&6s. Our 2s & 3s curriculum focuses on teaching foundational technique while engaging dancers by encouraging creativity and individuality. Understanding that young dancers may have limited attention spans, our program features thirty-minute classes, to ensure young dancers can regroup and refocus for each dance genre. As dancers grow, they transition into our 4,5&6s group. In this group, we continue to build as we introduce dancers to a variety of dance genres, while continuing to build on a solid Ballet foundation. This program is designed to equipped to enhance and nurture the talents of young dancers.

Pink Leotards

Our Pink Leotard program is designed for the beginner and intermediate dancer ages 7-11 years old. Dancers will work to learn and perfect foundational dance techniques. Classes are structured and dancers are encouraged to work hard and challenged to push their selves technically and artistically. The goal is for each dancer to achieve a better understanding of technique terminology, and to perfect the articulation of movement through their body. This program is recommended for both recreational and serious dancers, as it offers multiple styles of dance

Blue Leotards

The Blue Leotard program is suitable for serious dancers with a solid technical background. This program caters to dancers desiring a structured program, with instruction on a high intensity level. Dancers are challenged to push their selves to high levels in all technique classes, individual artistry, and choreography. Private one on one sessions with an instructor of your choice are required monthly. In this program, the focus is set on identifying students dance strengthens, while working to improve and perfect the weaker areas. Along with several performance and production opportunities, dancers in this group will begin to merge together the techniques learned in classes with the experience learned through performances to lend to a strong, solid dancer.    


This program is designed for dancers who desire a more serious commitment to dance. All dancers are hand invited to/ or auditioned in by the directors of the studios. There is no age requirement for this group. All pre-professional dancers receive a personalized weekly dance instruction schedule, which caters to their strengths and weaknesses in various concentrations of dance. We focus on strengthening the weak areas and perfecting their strengths. We help prepare dancers for local performances, dance competitions, college dance programs, and essentially careers in dance. We help increase each dancer’s artistry by allowing them to help in the creative process of solo performances. This includes but is not limited to selecting costumes, music, make-up, hairstyles for performances. A large portion of this program revolves around coaching life skills such as academic achievement, independence, poise, resourcefulness, and individual excellence.

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