Purple Leotards

Our Purple Leotard program is an introduction to dance technique and movement. This program combines two groups identified as 2s & 3s and 4,5&6s. Our 2s & 3s curriculum focuses on teaching foundational technique while engaging dancers by encouraging creativity and individuality...

Pink Leotards

Our Pink Leotard program is designed for the beginner and intermediate dancer ages 7-11 years old. Dancers will work to learn and perfect foundational dance techniques. Classes are structured and dancers are encouraged to work hard and challenged to push their selves technically and


Blue Leotards

The Blue Leotard program is suitable for serious dancers with a solid technical background. This program caters to dancers desiring a structured program, with instruction on a high intensity level. Dancers are challenged to push their selves to high levels in all technique classes, individual artistry, and choreography...


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