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Pink Leotards

About Our Pink Leotard Program

Our Pink Leotard program is designed for both beginner and intermediate dancers ages 8-17 years old. Dancers learn and perfect foundational dance techniques. Classes are structured and dancers are encouraged to work hard and challenged to push themselves technically and artistically. 


We strive for each dancer to achieve a better understanding of technique and terminology while perfecting articulation of movement through their body. 


To best service all of our students our Pink Leotards program consists of three groups depending on age and dance experience. 

Purple Leotards

About Our Purple Leotard Program

Our Purple Leotard program is an introduction to dance technique and creativity. We encourage dancers to explore various movements, understand, and articulate foundational technique while falling in love with the art of dance. 


We believe it is just as important for young dancers to find their creative voice along with building self confidence by means of recital performances. Along with building self confidence and dance poise. 


To best service all of our students our Purple Leotards program consists of six groups depending on your age and previous dance experience.

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Lilac Group (3 & 4 year olds)

This course is a perfect blend!

The first half class is Creative Movement, where young dancers will be introduced to different movements, begin learning how to create their own movement, and moving independently.

In the second half of class, dancers are softly transitioned into Ballet. Here, dancers are introduced to fundamental beginning ballet techniques.


Violet Group (4 & 5 year olds)

Our ballet course introduces fundamental beginning ballet
techniques. Dancers will explore and learn the structure
of Ballet in a 3-part class setting.

Our creative movement course teaches children how to create their own movement in dance while cultivating their self expression.


Fuchsia Group (8-14)

Dancers will use their knowledge of tap for intermediate tap class.


Mauve Group (5, 6, & 7 year olds)


Orchid Group (2 year olds)

This course is specifically designed for a 2 or early 3 year old dancer. It features Creative Movement which teaches young children how to freely and comfortably begin moving! Mixed with a variation of different movement, dancers will also learn stretches and basic dance technique.

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