Purple Leotards

Class Description

Our Purple Leotard program is an introduction to dance technique and movement. This program combines two groups identified as 2s & 3s and 4,5 & 6s. Our 2s & 3s curriculum focuses on teaching foundational technique while engaging dancers by encouraging creativity and individuality. Understanding that young dancers may have limited attention spans, our program features thirty-minute classes, to ensure young dancers can regroup and refocus for each dance genre. As dancers grow, they transition into our 4,5&6s group. In this group, we continue to build as we introduce dancers to a variety of dance genres, while continuing to build on a solid Ballet foundation. This program is designed to equipped to enhance and nurture the talents of young dancers.

Class Schedule



Intro To Contemporary

Dancers will be introduced to turns, jumps, and leg extensions. They will identify different emotions and facial
expressions. This class teaches dancers how to engage the floor and
incorporate floorwork and transitions into dance combinations.

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Beginner Tap is appropriate for beginner tappers ages 4-6 as
well as tappers who have taken combo classes or have basic tap
experience. Dancers learn the basics of tap and gain the necessary
building blocks for beginning intermediate Tap.

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A ballet course introducing fundamental beginning ballet
techniques. Dancers ages 2 and 3 will explore and learn the structure
of Ballet in a 3-part class setting: 1- Barre work 2- Center/Across the
floor 3- Adagio.



Beginning Ballet

Basic ballet skills, terminology, rhythm, and coordination are learned, practiced, and developed in a supportive and supervised environment. This class is offered for children ages 4,5&6
years old.