Pink Leotards

Class Description

Our Pink Leotard program is designed for the beginner and intermediate dancer ages 7-11 years old. Dancers will work to learn and perfect foundational dance techniques. Classes are structured and dancers are encouraged to work hard and challenged to push their selves technically and artistically. The goal is for each dancer to achieve a better understanding of technique terminology, and to perfect the articulation of movement through their body. This program is recommended for both recreational and serious dancers, as it offers multiple styles of dance

Class Schedule

Tuesdays | 6:45-7:15pm


Beginner-Intermediate Tap will continue to build on the technique
and tap steps learned in Beginning Tap. Students will learn
intermediate tap moves and rhythms. Advancement to the next level
Tap requires teacher approval.

Ms. Sydney

Saturdays | 9-9:30am

Ballet I

This class is a mix of both first and second level Ballet students. This class is for individuals with 0-3 years of Ballet experience. At this level, students will learn, be knowledgeable of, and develop basic ballet technique and terminology.

Ms. Angelica

Saturdays | 9:30-10:00am

Creative Movement

In this class, dancer will focus on connecting their knowledge of technique to musicality, flow, and “on the spot” creativity. We will introduce dancers to illustrating the lyrics of songs through technical articulation.

Ms. Christina

Thursdays | 8-8:45pm

Youth Jazz

A fun and energetic dance style that relies on technique, personality, and improvisation. Dancers will learn and articulate bold, dramatic movements including body isolations, leaps, turns, and contractions.

Ms. Christina

Thursdays | 8-8:45pm

Youth Modern

This introduction class focuses on serious expression of inner emotions, using a free-flowing, interpretive style.
Dancers are trained barefoot and often move in a free, improvisational
style. Dancers will learn controlled falls and other interesting interplays
of body weight and gravity.

Ms. Christina

Thursdays | 8:45-9:15pm



Ms. Christina


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